About Us


What We're All About

“As an academic institution of higher learning, South CompEdge College is committed to producing graduates with relevant training and skills capable of transcending self-interest for the good of the greater majority.”

Core Values

Well-rounded personality
Efficient and Effective
Academically matured and competent, and
Responsible and GOD fearing.


Message from the President

“The challenges brought by the pandemic made us stronger and with love, hope, and faith, we will get through this crisis together.

I am thankful to all of you that still continue your dreams in spite of the situation, especially to the instructors and staff that I’ve worked with throughout these trying times. And for those who are slowly losing motivation, just keep working hard and hold on a little longer. All of our efforts and perseverance will be rewarded.

Advance Training

Equip the students with the desired training in an actual field of study leading to the business and teaching profession.

Real Life Motivation

Encourage the students to develop a sense of critical thinking, entrepreneurial skills, quantitative reasoning, and communication.

Professional Certification

Develop and train the students to specialize in research and civic and socio-cultural involvement.